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Adidas Originals x Ninja unlocks an achievement for ESports

ESports are the future and everyone’s keeping up with the program, especially Adidas Originals. Just this week, they signed their first individual ESports partner:’s fave streamer, Tyler Blevins a.k.a. Ninja.

Ninja made the huge announcement through a 58-seconder video. In the inspirational video, he wore a blue Adidas hoodie with “NINJA” written on the left sleeve. He narrates his journey as a gamer and how he built a career out of gaming against all odds. “No shortcuts. Only long days. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t catch your dreams,” he reminds everyone.

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Adidas officially marks the collab as their commitment to gaming. In the past, Adidas partnered with ESports teams like Team Heretics and Grow uP. However, their partnership with Ninja is unique since he’s the first individual esports athlete to ever rep the brand.

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We’re still waiting if this collab will reach our shores. Still, this is pretty momentous for gamers everywhere. With Ninja garnering a following on and his Youtube streams alone, who would’ve thought esports and their gamers would reach such heights? 

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