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Our Favorite Moments From Scout Summer Camp

Our Favorite Moments From Scout Summer Camp

What a night.

Summer camps—the ones that pluck you out of your comfort zone and into a vast, unfamiliar, expanse—aren’t familiar to everyone, but to everyone who has been part of one, you would know the feeling you get when the event has transpired and you’re on your way home. As you return to your comforts, you look back in a brief moment of introspection, and realize that something has changed for the better. You’ve made new friends, you’ve experienced new things, and most of all, you’ve enjoyed.

But enough of the sappy stuff. Our second birthday was LIT. We turned the Samsung Hall to friendly camping grounds, complete with a bonfire, a tent, games, drinks, and of course, musical guests.

Thank you, Ang Bandang ShirleyThe Ransom CollectiveAutotelicCheats, Oh, Flamingo, Run DorothyTandems ‘ 91Fools and FoesTom’s StoryExtrapolationJensen and The FlipsCurtismith and Skarm,  NINNOOut of ScratchLIKE ANIMALSAsch, Olympía and Aries, Arthur Jarred Tan, and Xtina Supesrtar for sharing your music with us.

What are the memorable moments from the night? Was it Jensen and The Flips closing the main stage? Was it Arthur Jarred Tan opening our inner pop punk? Was it our Art Director Grace de Luna spitting freestyle bars alongside Skarm and Curtismith? Or was it something more personal? We’ve made a list you can share to your friends who didn’t go, with the caption “You totally missed out.”

Check out the photos in our gallery by clicking the cover photo above.

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Photos by Patrick Segovia and Tristan Tamayo



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