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What happens if we go out and put down our phone for once?

Young people’s Horcruxes are their phones—you smash it, we die. It has our personal photographs, work-related contacts, essential memes for everyday use, and many other apps we definitely can’t live without. We’re dependent on it and we know it. But technology is just a part of living in the modern world.


Our dependency isn’t a bad thing, right?

It’s easy to get lost in our respective feeds. Sometimes, it can reel us indoors instead of finally having free time to go outside and hang with the crew. Sometimes there would be great events like San Miguel Oktoberfest but we’d prefer to hang out at home, glued to our phones. That’s fine and all, but aren’t we missing out on something? Friendship, maybe? A good night out? Here are some scenarios on what might happen if we put down our phones for a little while.

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See our friends outside of group chats

Making plans that will never happen and sending each other memes are how we catch up with friends now. With our busy schedules, it’s getting harder to keep track of one another. That’s why we have multiple group chats with our circle of friends. But is that the only way we can kick back with them?

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Instead of making plans, why not commit to them? It can be as simple as having good conversations over a bucket of San Miguel Beer. But if your squad loves a one-time, big-time night out, then bar hop and dance like crazy at places that never sleep. Seeing them IRL is always better than through URL.

Have dance parties anywhere, but your room

Stop lipsyncing to Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” in your bedroom. It’s time to get that booty out of the door and into an actual dancefloor. Sometimes, having a mini-staycation is the way to go. But don’t lie to me—it gets lonely after a while.

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So why not find like-minded people and re-create some “Step Up” moments out there? Have a couple of drinks to take the edge off and sweat it out later. Have a couple of San Mig Light to take the edge off and catch up with everyone. Who cares if you’re not the next member of G-Force? All that matters is you have your own kind of fun.

Vibe with music minus your airpods

We love a well-curated playlist and new discoveries in our players. But why not try getting the full live experience? Watch the bands you stan and will stan in live concerts. Studio quality is amazing, but vibing with the crowd who loves music as you do is everything. Grab a concert or a gig buddy with you. If they can’t come through, this might be a good opportunity to get out of our comfort zones.

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Curate our own stories without the ‘gram

Making our little IG stories is our generation’s version of scrapbooking. With sticker GIFs and filters, we create memories for our friends and followers to see. But will we get intense FOMO if we don’t put everything on IG? Doesn’t sound like a huge risk to me.

Creating memories beyond our social media accounts isn’t half bad. Honestly, it lasts longer if we linger on and be in the moment for once. So what if we didn’t put it on IG? Whether it’s partying with friends or having good banter over beer, it’s quality time spent together with people that matters. Don’t worry, your followers will understand.

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