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Skipped this year’s SCOUT Creative Talks? You can copy our notes

So, you weren’t able to attend SCOUT Creative Talks 2019? Don’t fret, we’re still friends. In fact, we wrote notes for you—’cause that’s what friends are for, right? Whatever reason you have, we know you still deserve to know our favorite creatives’ maps and magic.

Let this cheat sheet be your virtual pass to SCOUT Creative Talks last Saturday, Oct. 12, at the Samsung Hall in SM Aura (just, of course, minus the chance to have the first page of your journal drawn on by Yeo Kaa or have a photo with boy wonder LA Aguinaldo.)

Artist Yeo Kaa on Creative Process

  • “Tingin ko pa rin hindi enough ‘yung ginagawa ko, hindi ko binibigay ang best ko. Pero kahit ilang beses akong matumba, tatayo pa rin ako.”
  • On the importance of research as an artist: “Kapag nagtrabaho ako, hindi basta-basta. Mahalaga ang research!”
  • When measuring progress, don’t look at others—look at yourself. “Huwag mong i-compare ang sarili mo sa iba. For sure may mas magaling sa ‘yo. Pero dapat ‘yung gawa mo ngayon, mas maganda sa gawa mo noon.”
  • Yeo Kaa on drawing inspiration from her anxieties: “’Yung mga bagay na hindi ko magagawa sa totoong buhay, ni-ri-release ko siya sa pag-painting.” 
  • Two words: Sipag at tiyaga.

Content Creator LA Aguinaldo on Create From Within: Telling Your Story in the Social World

  • Our issue: Anyone can be anyone on the internet—is there a space for you in social media? “Find your voice and focus on it.”
  • “Nothing is new. Everything that can be created has already been. Or at least that’s what we think.”
  • “At the end of the day, you’re going to get tired trying to live up to a certain persona.” How can we stay true to ourselves in social media? “Make content about what inspires you and what makes you feel alive.”
  • “The world is literally in our pockets. Sometimes we take it for granted.”
  • The LA Checklist in making content: 1.) Is it creative?; 2.) Does your content promote positivity or discourse?; 3.) What are you aiming for, really?; 4.) It’s not perfect? Great! Because perfection is subjective; 5.) Just post!

Fashion designer Carl Jan Cruz on Fashion Design as a Filipino Designer

  • On getting into the fashion industry in the Philippines as a designer: The path is not straightforward; it has many layers.
  • “Pursuing fashion is never really easy. Being resourceful is so important. Being creative about your finances and pursuing what you want is possible, however.”
  • It’s important to embrace your own culture. “Being a Filipino fashion designer is just as good as saying you’re a French fashion designer.”
  • “Resources are great, but nothing beats knowledge. Talent is everything.”
  • On the value of foresight: “Life will never slow down for us, but we can always prepare for what comes our way.”

Filmmaker Petersen Vargas on The Filmmaker’s Obsession

  • “The addicting part of a film is seeing not only the unraveling of the story, but also of the filmmaker.”
  • “At the end of it, filmmaking is allowing yourself to expose your deep-seated obsession. Undressing yourself to share something deep inside of you.” 
  • It’s okay to pick up the “obsessions” of filmmakers you love and turn them into your own language. Petersen’s work is inspired by numerous filmmakers such as Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, Wong kar-wai, Sofia Coppola, Terrence Malick, Tsai Ming-Ilang and more. Even a scene from his debut full-length “2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten” took inspiration from “Stand By Me.”
  • “In film, how was I going to define my language? Eventually, I learned it was this obsession that found in other films. You have to love films in order to make films. Also, make an effort to watch films in the cinema.”
  • On knowing the right stories to tell: “It has to be something that’s always been there. Mafi-feel mo na lang siya. Parang true love. Titibok na lang.”

Fashion editor Danyl Geneciran on The Tedious Business of Fashion Editing

  • “Explore and study. A good amount of knowledge about the job and the industry give you credibility.”
  • On the purpose of internships: “You find value in exploring different roles first before pursuing a title.”
  • “If you are a fashion editor, you’re also a producer. You’re in charge of everything, while being a storyteller through images.”
  • “Fashion thrives on change. There isn’t any industry that does that. Always be open and be curious.”
  • What kind of personality thrives in the fashion industry? Danyl shared some tips: “Be persistent, but not annoying. Don’t overlook the simple. Be optimistic. Always be open and curious.” 

Business duo Jess Wilson & Coco Quizon on Branding as a Person

  • Need a 101 on brand identity? Take note of VIBES: Values, interests, beliefs, experiences, social groups
  • Strong branding gives your employees pride in the workplace. They stay because they love and believe in the brand.
  • It’s important to make your brand human; ask these questions when building your brand: What would your brand’s friends be? What IG accounts would your brand follow?
  • Emotional attachment to brands has a positive effect on earnings
  • Take note of the Three C’s: Consistency, clarity and constancy

Editorial manager Eric Salta on Cause-Driven Content 

  • What’s cause-driven content? It also means brand activism. Your content is fueled by purpose, belief, or stand.
  • Why is it so important to have a stand? Because everyone is basically a content creator. And content is more than just content now—it has to mean something to connect to your audience.”
  • Just like in, the cause is the primary driver of the content. “When talking about restaurants, it’s not just about how delicious the food is. You need to dig deeper. Are they mindful of food waste? Are their employees paid fair wages?” 
  • The visuals and copy should always complement each other
  • When making content, keep these in mind: “Make it inherently inclusive; consider overall messaging; build empathy and empower people; and ingrain it from within”

Photographer Mark Nicdao on Developing an Eye for Imagery

  • On developing your eye for imagery: “You shouldn’t see the mundane things as something bad, you can use it to create something special to you. You have to open your eyes and find something on a something to develop a something.”
  • “Have some coffee, always be nice and considerate, and be ready for some bumps along the way!”
  • “Fuck pegs; let’s say references. Find something that excites you. Always start with the really absurd.”
  • “Finding inspiration is up to you, but you have to mix it with your personal experiences to differentiate it from others.”
  • Checklist for a good shoot: 1.) Wake up two hours before your call time; 2.) Don’t forget your equipment; 3.) Remember names; 4.) Stop gossiping (Make the most out of your time instead); 5.) Bring extra common sense and patience

Header art and photos by Cathy Dizon

Special thanks to Off-White Manila for LA’s outfit


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