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5 hair dyes to try for peak Ramona Flowers energy


Ever since I’ve stepped out of the repressive black hair rule of private high schools, I’ve lived my best life hair-wise. From that moment on, I’ve dyed my hair odd shades, from my first shade of pink to blue, green, red, purple and now, back to pink again.

Of course, cosplaying Ramona Flowers on a daily basis doesn’t come without its repercussions. There will be frequent visits to the salon, careful shampoo choices (Personal tip? Stay sulfate-free), strategic showers, stained pillows and the constant paranoia of dry hair. But before all that, an important decision has to be made: What dye are you choosing?

For those lost in the wonderful world of hair dye, let me give you a rundown of picks to start on your very, very colorful journey. Fair warning, though: Not all of them fit every head, and colors last depending on how dyed hair is treated.



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Bleach-aversed? Then here’s a pick. Vegan dye Splat has bold colors available in one-wash, 10-wash and 30-wash temporary dyes, no bleach needed. For those looking for a long-term run, Splat also has them in seven blinding colors.

Punky Colour


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Punky Colour comes in 21 vibrant shades like Spring Green and Midnight Blue. Reviews say that it’s highly pigmented but hydrating to the hair. Regularly, expect about 25 washes until it fades.


Hair dye enthusiasts can get flamingo-colored hair—and other shades—with the Sparks selection. Plus, experiment with its color palette, which is famous for its striking hues.

Manic Panic

manic panic
Most crazy colored-hair neophytes start with this (guilty as charged). Manic Panic is a classic for a reason: There are 51 shades in the selection, from pastels to brighter picks. However, for folks with dark hair (like most of us), colors may fade after a couple of washes.

Arctic Fox


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This hair dye brand has neon-colored hair in bottles for anyone who wants to be instantly spotted in a crowd. For those more on the subtle side, there are shades like Phantom Green and Purple Rain—which, according to some bloggers, actually smell like grapes.

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