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This noise-to-electricity converter was invented by Grade 11 students

This noise-to-electricity converter was invented by Grade 11 students

Imagine if all your late-night karaoke sessions could do more good than harm? (sorry, roommates.) Let us introduce you to this nifty device.

A group of Grade 11 students from the Philippine Science High School-Western Visayas Campus invented a device that can convert sound into electricity. Called the S-Light, the device functions as a reverse speaker. Instead of electricity powering the creation of sound, the device functions the other way around.

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The S-Light can power LED lights and power bank chargers. Placing it in noisy areas like an airport can light a bulb overnight, and a bigger version of the device can even have the capacity to power communities. 

The device costs P200, which is good news for rural areas.The low-cost light would help areas where the power supply is scarce.

The group won silver at the Young Inventors Challenge 2019 in Malaysia. They’re also set to join the NASA Space Apps Challenge.This just goes to show that the kids of today are pretty amazing, especially when they’re given a chance and the right platform. Here’s to you, STEM kids!

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash


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