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‘Bisdak’ takes Cebu City’s culture in font form

These days, anyone can turn their handwriting, however ugly, into their own personalized font. But here’s another concept—what about our hometowns?

This is exactly what graphic designer and illustrator Diane Diana did for her free typeface “Bisdak.” Inspired by the streets of Cebu City and the Cebuano language, the uppercase typeface is influenced by bold and classic serifs meant for posters, titles and headlines. It’s also dedicated to all the “Bisayang Dako” around the country, exuding the big Visayan energy the name implies.


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“The typeface is specifically inspired by the streets of Cebu City, but not necessarily the signs, more on the feeling I get when I’m commuting and walking along the streets,” Diane tells us. “Bisdak” is the first typeface she has created, which she calls a “love letter” to her mother tongue.

Plus, “Bisdak” is also free to use—just check out Diane’s Behance page.

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Photos courtesy of Diane Diana


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