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New specials of “Adventure Time” are coming this 2020

“Adventure Time’s” finale last year was an emotional trip for kids, college students, and cartoon-loving young adults. It was a more than a show reaching an end. It was the end of the road for a journey Finn and Jake took us with. But after HBO Max’s latest news, we can be with the gang four more times next year.

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HBO Max just secured Studio Ghibli’s back catalog for its 2020 launch. Now, they’ve got four new specials of “Adventure Time” too.

These hour-long specials will start with “Adventure Time: Distant Lands.” It will feature our show faves, like Finn and Jake, BMO, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, and Peppermint Butler. The second special is “BMO and Obsidian,” followed by “Wizard City” and “Together Again” sometime later.

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We were emotionally ready to let go when Finn and Jake said goodbye last year. But who doesn’t want another four hours of these characters we’ve resonated with? As the show’s ending them goes, we’re ready to come along with them.

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