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My Chemical Romance is back for real this time


After six years of teasing and conspiracy theories, the band that impacted mid-00s emos and goth kids is back. My Chemical Romance ends their six-year hiatus this Oct. 31 to announce their Los Angeles show.

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This is the band’s first show since 2012. Yup, it’s time to feel old and start blasting “Welcome to the Black Parade” once again.

My Chemical Romance have been dropping teasers this week across their social media platforms. But since fans like us have been burned once or twice, a comeback from the gang is hard to believe. Everything changed when they officially revealed their comeback show this Dec. 20, 2019.

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In their social media announcement, they wrote: “Like phantoms forever.” This is a nod to their 2002 E.P. of the same name. 

Rumors have circulated of the band’s comeback for a while now. It got so bad that even Joe Jonas (yes, the Joe Jonas), got in on the rumors during an interview that he caught the band rehearsing in Los Angeles. Rhythm guitarist Frank Iero was quick to dismiss the rumors last July. But then, it looks like the rumors are indeed true. 

Is this a 20nineSCENE miracle? We think so too. Rise and shine, killjoys. The Black Parade isn’t dead yet.

Still from “Welcome to the Black Parade” 



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