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We saw double the Velmas, Jesuses, and May Queen Hargas at House of Horrors


Our fifth birthday and first Halloween party have finally passed. Right now, the sinking feeling of FOMO is about to eat you alive. We kicked off this double celebration with our SCOUT friends and fam. Although we celebrated Halloween during its eve, the spirit of Oct. 31st is still in play.

That means our kinfolk turned into pop culture phenoms threading on nightmare fuel with their sick costumes. From our House of Horrors residences like LA Aguinaldo and Shanne Dandan to our fave friends and fam like Jason Dhakal, Nika Dizon, BP Valenzuela, and many more, they embraced the season’s darkness and gave us costumes to die for.

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But there’s still an unanswered question haunting our dreams and/or nightmares. It’s a question and a tale as old as the first Pagan All Hallow’s eve: Who wore it best?

Here are our top House of Horrors picks, from the people you stan to the people you will stan after this extensive list. Peep their costumes below and be the judge.

Attack of the Velmas

“Money Heist” is the only show I watch

May Queen Harga and her people

Thanks, Satan

Hey God, it’s your girls from Scout

Wanna dance like Uma Thurman

Go, go, Gogo Yubari

Touched by an angel (or two)

Send in the clowns (clones? clown clones?)

‘Till death do us part

Photos by Kiara Gabriel, Bea Tan, and Sam Ong



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