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Ateneans chant Owen Wilson’s legendary “Wow”

Ateneans chant Owen Wilson’s legendary “Wow”

Casting Owen Wilson has its presages. Whether or not the film becomes a big hit is uncertain.
What’s certain, however, is this: Midway into any scene–horror, action, or tearjerker–the man is bound to say “Wow.”

No one knew what to make of it. Until memes became a thing and everybody hopped on the quip. Hell, there’s even a Youtube account dedicated to edit Owen Wilson gifs into classic movies. Don’t you just love the internet?

Well, this phenomenon exited the interwebs and extended to real life. Today, a video was posted on Twitter where Ateneans gathered in a walk to chant Owen Wilson’s legendary line. They did it in unison as if summoning the blonde guy. Which is but perfect for his crooked nose, in my opinion.

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They say cockroaches will survive the nuclear explosion. But when apocalypse comes, I’d imagine Owen Wilson’s immortal expression echoing into the distance.

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