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Claudia and Jason Dhakal’s new MV is visually stunning

Three months ago, musicians Claudia Barretto and Jason Dhakal announced they’re working together on a fresh new track. Now, they dropped the visuals for their single “HEAD/HEART.” And we’re pretty speechless.

Sure,  you might be a fan of either one of them. But their music video will reel you in their artistic chemistry. Through “HEAD/HEART,” they created eye candies and earworms that are hard to resist. With visual artist Ysa Aranda at the directorial helm, the song’s lo-fi R&B melodies and heavy context were captured with surreal visuals, both captivating and disturbing.

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Claudia has been on the scene for three years now. Last year, she released her five-track electro-pop EP. But with her new music video and single, it feels like she’s cooking something up for 2020. The best part is: We might not be ready for it.

Still from Claudia’s”HEAD/HEART” 


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