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A fresh grad’s guide to adulting

A fresh grad’s guide to adulting

Here’s the thing: When working adults tell you that life after graduation feels like being thrown straight into the sea (without knowing how to swim), they’re probably right. Aside from trying to cook without burning anything and managing hectic scheds, adulting hacks aren’t really taught in school. While guide maps don’t exist, we can start with understanding the processes we’ll need to survive: Finalizing government documents, our very first requirements. 

Here’s a quick guide on having your SSS, Pag-Ibig, and PhilHealth identification numbers processed. Good luck and happy adulting.

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The Social Security System (SSS) is a social insurance program that covers employees in the private, professional, and informal sectors. They promise different types of compensation and benefits during times of sickness, retirement, and many more.

To register, head straight to the SSS website to accomplish the registration form. Once successfully filled, you should be able to receive a link that continues your registration, now with a Social Security number (open this five days upon receipt so the validity doesn’t vanish into the void) If an SS number has already been generated, you’ll need to go to an SSS branch to edit your info.

Once you have your SS number ready, look up and pull up at the nearest SSS branch with your number and the original copy and a photocopy of your birth certificate (check the list of alternatives here, in case they went missing for some reason).


Pag-Ibig’s promise of financial security ranges from helping you save up for your own place to shielding you from emergencies. Aside from short-term loans, there are other discounts and rewards, especially when you’re already able to get a hold of their loyalty card, too. The process starts with, like SSS, answering the form on their website. 

If there were no errors in your sign-up, you’ll be redirected to the summary page of your registration and receive a text message confirming your number. 


To apply for membership at PhilHealth (which benefits include inpatient to outpatient benefits), start with the online registration by clicking the “Online Services” tab on their website. Under it, proceed to “Electronic Registration,” and there you will find the page when you can accomplish the electronic registration system. 

After filling in the needed info, you might need to upload the documents including your ID and—if you have dependents–their birth certificates. You should be able to receive a confirmation email after this, laying out the next step of your process.

Maintaining these accounts might get you a little occupied, but good thing PayMaya has a new way to pay online. Through “Pay with PayMaya,” we can pay just by using our mobile number. 

This means minus all the stressful fuss, too—we don’t need to enter our credit/debit card details during your transaction. After logging in, a One-Time Pin (OTP) will be sent to your phone to verify your online purchase. 

Aside from security and convenience, the process is pretty fast, too—considering we don’t need to prepare cash for cash-on-delivery (COD) purchases, because they are already paid using our 11-digital mobile number. Sweet.

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So if it ever crosses your mind to be a freelancer one day (or find yourself in a heavy workload rut), PayMaya’s “Pay with PayMaya” is equipped to power up our transactions with deal providers, food merchants, retail stores, and government offices like SSS, Pag-Ibig, PhilHealth, DFA, DOST, DTI, and more.

Life after graduation never turns out the way we want to, but having one thing off the adulting list helps, doesn’t it?

Know where to use “Pay with PayMaya” here.



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