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“Good News” is here, the first track off of Mac Miller’s posthumous album

Just a few days ago, Mac Miller’s family announced that his posthumous album “Circles” would be dropping on Jan. 17. Today the first track entitled, “Good News” has just been released. Along with the track is a 6-minute music video featuring stock footage of the musician laid over surreal 3d landscapes. 

Given the context, watching the music video is a bittersweet experience. But it is especially heartbreaking to listen to the lyrics. It gives an intimate look at what Mac was feeling during the time he was writing and producing the album. “Why can’t it just be easy? Why does everyone need me to stay?” 

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The video ends with behind-the-scenes footage of Mac vibing in the music studio, having a good time. On the album announcement post his family writes, “We simply know that it was important to Malcolm for the world to hear it.” And now, we will.

You can preorder “Circles” here.

Still from Mac Miller’s “Good News” music video


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