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Book renting can be possible again with Haliya Publishing

Book renting can be possible again with Haliya Publishing

Going to libraries to pick a book to take home—this was one of the best memories from childhood. And it looks like the folks of Haliya Publishing agree.

Today, Haliya Publishing announced a new initiative called “Haliya Renta,” which will bring back the tradition of renting out books. Slated to be part of this year’s Komiket as an exclusive, “Haliya Renta” is said to be inspired by their “goal of providing accessible Pinoy comics to a wider audience.” 

Not only is renting out books worth a comeback because of its nostalgic sense—borrowing books is said to be “the greenest way of reading.” According to The New York Times, a 2008 report asserts that printed books have the “highest per-unit of carbon footprint.”

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Of course, e-books are also suspected of having a negative environmental impact because it needs minerals, non-renewable resources, and toxic substances to complete one. That’s why Greenpeace international campaign coordinator Casey Harrell suggests public libraries as the most sustainable go-to for book-fixated kids. This is why the book renting vision of “Haliya Renta” can be a step further to a more sustainable reading culture. 

Among independent publishing collective’s memorable titles are “Ella Arcangel,” “Janus Silang,” and “Bagong Buwan.” Check out Haliya Publishing’s Instagram page for more info on their diverse selection of comics (that hopefully will be up for rent). 

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