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IV of Spades’ “Take That Man” is their last surprise drop of 2018


Will IV of Spades let 2018 slide without doing their last surprise drop of the year? Think again, ladies and gents.

“Take That Man” is the boys’ latest single and music video rolled into one. Launching just this midnight, the fast-paced track will sure put any crowd to a frenzy. The track is another evidence that the band is departing from their usual, ‘70s funk-inspired sound to producing a more heavier sound.

This time around, the photographer Shaira Luna isn’t just taking stills of the boys. She directed the performance-based music video of their latest track. After being introduced by a dapper older gentleman as the “new millennial group band,” we see IV of Spades in their element. They rock out harder with and without instruments while the track builds up.

Be reminded of this: IV of Spades’ upcoming album will blow everyone away. The boys are continuing to produce tracks that are going beyond our expectations. And for a band that blew up before any EP or a full-length album is launched, that is definitely saying something.

2018 is full of surprise drops and mind-blowing releases from IV of Spades. But hey, let’s see what the boys will do with 2019 coming around the corner. Whatever it is, it’ll probably be what we expected the least.



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