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Joji literally runs from fame in his new music video


88rising’s Joji just dropped his first release of the year. Fresh from his upcoming sophomore album, “Run” has the makings of a classic Joji track: dark, haunting, and unrequited love’s painful melancholy. Although in its music video, love merely serves as a backdrop

His latest single’s accompanying visual is a claustrophobic nightmare, packaged neatly in a dark love rock ballad. And boy, it’s giving us 50 shades of anxiety.

Directed by Aisultan Seitov, the music video shows Joji is a never-ending stretch limousine. In its first frame, we find him discombobulated as he tries to navigate the crowd surrounding him. This puzzlement bleeds into paranoia minute per minute.

His situation gets worse and worse, until this scenario turns out to be a nightmare. It ends with Joji waking up with cold sweats inside a spacecraft similar to “Sanctuary.”

The reactions to “Run” are quite mixed. A lot of folks from Twitter are praising our boy, while screaming “STREAM JOJI’S RUN” to the virtual ether. Others are not so kind. They express their distaste for the track by calling it another tired, weak boy band noise. Then again, they might just be bitter Filthy Frank fans.

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Sure, you can gauge others’ reactions to it. But why not see it for yourself? Check out Joji’s new music video below:

Still from Joji’s “Run” 



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