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ESports will soon become an academic course at this local university

As the eSports field reaches great heights that no server crash can pull back down, so does the fascination for the sport grow. For one local university, it’s a study worth delving into—so much so that a university has dedicated a whole college course to it.

In partnership with eSports agency Tier One Entertainment, students from the Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila may soon get their college credits on the world of professional gaming. “Today, we took the first steps towards building a collegiate course for esports in the Philippines,” reads a Facebook post from Tier One Entertainment. “This is something we’ve always wanted to achieve as a company, and we couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity.”

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Do we expect all-nighters studying strategic moves on “DOTA” and “League of Legends”? What about group projects spent building rapport as a pseudo eSports team? Whatever the syllabus could include, count us curious—for those us who’ve waved goodbye to the academic life, we may just come rushing back to campus for this class.

Photo by Jilson Tiu


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