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Unique has a tea party with other Uniques in this MV

Unique is definitely living up to his name. Starting Feb. 7, we’re going to associate that catchy whistle pattern with an astounding visual. Get up and join the table, because this young music genius just released his music video for “Bukod-Tangi.” And we feel more spoiled than ever.

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A dashing 360° music video, “Bukod-Tangi’s” visual counterpart is all kinds of eccentric. In our point of view, we’re seated at a table of sweets and teas with Unique—until we realize there’s actually many of him.

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This tea party—filled with pink walls and a slightly hazy aura—lets us meet different versions of the artist. There’s Unique in disheveled hair; Unique wearing a ruffled top; Unique eating iconic ’90s snack iced gem biscuits, and more. Few of their similarities are probably their outfits’ color scheme, and how they bop their heads in sync during the chorus. Directed by Zen Flores, this groundbreaking execution just proves how the singer-songwriter’s true to his branding.

This video has dropped days before UP Fair: Hiwaga on Monday, Feb. 10. Hiwaga will feature Unique, his labelmates at O/C Records and more artists, guaranteeing a damn good time.

Watch Unique’s 360° MV here:


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