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The Sinag Maynila 2020 finalists are here and we’re already pumped from the trailers

For those who appreciate independent cinema and, hopefully, the casual moviegoer, the Sinag Maynila 2020 finalists are definitely worth checking out. Fictional narratives ranging from harsh realities to full on surreal (or a good mix of both) make up the Short Film and Full Length categories. The Documentary finalists, on the other hand, feature stories that highlight pop culture, community, history and lots of other interesting sub-themes. Here’s the complete lineup so you can see for yourself (you’re welcome).

Short Film Category

The official synopsis of each can be read here.

Documentary Category

The official synopsis of each can be read here.

Full Length Category

Aside from filmmakers exploring fresh narratives and rising to the challenge of envisioning stories worth telling, this year also marks the return of the screenplay submissions for the Full Length roster after a two-year hiatus. This means these entries were selected based on submitted screenplays then awarded grants in order to aid their production into film.

Check out the trailer for “Walang Kasarian ang Digmaang Bayan” below.

Cinema Centenario has also announced their screening schedules of the films as well, so if you’re planning to watch up north you can check out the films available over here.

To watch (and obsess over) the other trailers, go to Sinag Maynila’s Official YouTube account.

Photo still from “Walang Kasarian ang Digmaan” trailer


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