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These wholesome TikTok Titos will make you want to download the app

These wholesome TikTok Titos will make you want to download the app

TikTok is the new “it” app. Whether you have it to watch some quick n’ ez dance challenges, short-form Vine comedy, surprisingly succinct self-help videos on cooking or easily digestible information on the negative effects of billionaires on the environment–one cannot deny that TikTok has range.

Now, that range includes the wholesome tito category and it is giving us the cutie trinity of kawaii-aegyo-kilig content. Finally, some good fuckin news.

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Leading the pack is Rico Blanco, who was the main vocalist of Rivermaya and now the viral face of wholesome TikTok.

Aside from Rico Blanco, our dancing tito, we also have everyone’s favorite teleserye tatay/Star Cinema film’s head of the police force, John Arcilla as actor tito.

But the beauty of TikTok, is the chance to explore your range. Case in point: We have actor tito dancing with his boy, veteran actor and certified wholesome tito, Tirso Cruz.

We can’t resist–wholesome TikTok content is getting a wishlist. After going viral a few years back for making drunk meme faces, we can’t help but maybe expect some content from Spongecola vocalist, Yael Yuzon. C’mon Yael, this is your vertical.

Brb for now, time to update my app.

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