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3 Things That Get Us Even More Stoked For The Nintendo Switch

3 Things That Get Us Even More Stoked For The Nintendo Switch

It finally happened today—Nintendo revealed all the important details about the completely awesome Nintendo Switch, their upcoming new console/handheld hybrid platform. Everything got us #shookt in a good way.

Nintendo took a bit of an L with the Wii U (but made up for it with the strong presence of the 3DS) but this may very well be the most perfect thing ever invented in the history of video games… until Nintendo comes up with the sequel in the next generation. Meanwhile, we’ve got three reasons why we absolutely love the Switch, right here.

1. It may be the cheapest platform that goes both ways

For only $300, you get a handheld and a console, and it should hover around that P13,000 to P15,000 range here. If you’re a millennial trying to get by on your own (but have enough cash to drop for a gaming platform) that may just be enough—while the Switch’s graphic powers work best when it’s docked in the console, you’re still able to play the same games when you take the screen out and play it as a handheld (which lasts around 2.5-6 hours). So if you don’t have a TV at your place and you don’t want to splurge for a nice new HD/4K set, you can still get in on the fun because it can go tabletop. All you’ll have to buy is the thing and the games.

2. It wants to be your all-around party machine

The tiny JoyCon, the small controllers that can either fit around the edge of the screen to turn the Switch into a handheld or used as remote gamepads, is made for easy multiplayer use. Games like 1-2-Switch and Mario Kart will function the same way as the Wii’s multiplayer games did, and again, you won’t even need a TV for that. If more than one person at the party’s got a Switch, you can play other multiplayer-capable games using multiple screens, like we saw in the trailer.

3. Of course, the games announced so far are looking lit

We’ve seen a few glimpses from the first-look trailer, but now that we know a lot of the upcoming lineup, we’re pretty hyped. Super hyped, even. We already knew about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but wait, there’s more: Splatoon 2 is coming to the Switch first, there’s a new Fire Emblem and Sonic game on the way, and most importantly, for those who haven’t moved on from a six-year-old game, Skyrim is coming to the Switch.

And what’s a Nintendo launch without a Super Mario title? Super Mario Odyssey is pretty much the Grand Theft Auto of the Mario universe, and it’s damn pretty.

And you know there’s gonna be a Pokemon game soon—we just hope it’s like the main games.

The Switch is now available for preorder and is coming out on March 3. We can only hope that we’ll be able to get our hands on it as soon as we can. Are you excited for it? ARE YOU?



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