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Take a shot at analog photography through these 7 Instagram shops


If anyone ever claimed film was dead, then we must have dug up a sacrificial Minolta and sold our souls to the patron saint of shutterbugs, because analog photography is far from extinction. With shops and fairs popping up from all corners of the country, it’s easier than ever to score the camera still pinned on your vision board. And while shelling out bucks for a functioning yet antiquated device can be daunting to some, online stores on Instagram are now offering cheaper alternatives—here are some that you should keep on your radar.

Kamera Club (@kameraclubstore)

This 11-year-old shop jumpstarted the Overexposed: Analog Film Photography Fair—and if you missed out on that, don’t fret: they’ve got goods online too. Aside from the reliable point-and-shoot and Lomography picks, they also sell tanned leather cases for your film roll. Hey, they need a home too.

Film4ever (@film4ever)

Pick out your snapshot necessity over at the well-established Film 4 Ever, with cameras ranging from Rolleicords in pristine condition, waterproof disposable cameras to Polaroids worth P3,500. If you wanna check them out IRL, the shop also holds pop-ups from time to time—just follow their page for updates.

The Analog Cartel (@theanalogcartel)

Weatherproof cameras, Sanrio-themed pieces and digital cams straight out of your mid-2000s childhood—The Analog Cartel has one for whatever form of photography you’re dipping into (And they sell some affordable external flash units too).

Everything Film (@analogiqueph)

A limited edition pastel-toned Holga? As you guessed, Everything Film has it—or had, if you only called dibs. Don’t miss out on the next shot though, they have a pretty promising selection to come soon.

Happy Snaps (

This store is set out to play matchmaker for a photographer and their one true camera. With creatives at the forefront, Happy Snaps highlights storytelling in photography. For this shop, all we need is the perfect tool for whatever we’re narrating. With the occasional pop-ups, events and their mix of cameras, you might wanna add this to your follow list.

C41 Club (@c41club)

You may have to set an alarm for every Friday, ’cause that’s when C41 Club has something new in store. Get your dose of Minoltas, Canons and a regular round of Nikon cameras—with their consistent additions, stocks aren’t running short anytime soon.

Fraktal Films (

Coming from a community of film photographers, their curated collection is hand-picked whether you’re starting out or switching to a more advanced route. If you’re not too sure on what to settle on, Fraktal Films recently launched its new solution: a camera lending program with renting prices at P1,500 for two weeks.

Bonus round: Film rolls

Load up on rolls for your shiny new (but pre-loved) camera from these stores:
Grainn (@grainnph), Film Finds (@film_finds), Filmm Store (@filmmstore)

Art by Zaila Mae Urmeneta



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