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Curb your cabin fever with these travel-themed online games

Curb your cabin fever with these travel-themed online games

A few days of isolation could do a number on someone, especially if they’re used to day-to-day contact with the great outdoors. While you’re speeding through your long to-do list—there’s writing a whole book and one-upping Shakespeare, listening to podcasts for a pick-me-up or whatever Rapunzel did in “Tangled”—you may experience a case of cabin fever in the process.

The internet exists and it has a lot to offer for placating your need to step out—just check out this selection of travel-themed games.


geoguessr travel game

Screenshot from Mapillary

If you’ve been around the Let’s Play block on YouTube, then this might ring a bell. For travel enthusiasts with a knack for Holmesian deductions, “GeoGuessr” drops you in the middle of nowhere with you and your investigative skills. Using the integrated Google Maps’ street view, follow the trail of breadcrumbs with signs, terrains and what have you. Players can choose among different options, be it a world-wide search or a region-specific course.

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80 days (Steam/iOS/Android)

80 days app travel game

Screenshot from Steam

Through this multi-platform BAFTA-nominated game, you can fill the worn boots of “Around the World in 80 Days” protagonist, Phileas Fogg and his sidekick, Jean Passepartout. Just as the book, your mode of transportation isn’t limited to boring old boats. Trek around the world in 1800s fashion via submarine, mechanical camel or steam train, with 150 cities to explore. Balance health, finances, all the while keeping your timeline under 80 days. It’s a fast-paced multiplayer, so consider your time booked.

Travel Frog (iOS/Android)

travel frog games Forget “Neko Atsume” and “Adorable Home”—if you like living vicariously through a pet that wanders from time to time, then “Travel Frog” is your kindred app. Just like all “Tamagotchi”-like games go, you’re tasked to care for your pet frog with food and essentials bought by in-game currency. This time, though, it comes with a plot twist. Your frog is prone to random disappearing acts and you’ll never know when it’ll return. But on the upside, it’ll send you its love through a couple of postcards. It may not sate your outdoor need, but one thing’s for sure: This frog is living the life.

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Trek: Travel Around the World

trek travel around the world game Got a VR set to spare? Then the world’s your oyster, kid. From the wilderness of Canada to the Northern Lights, this VR game lets you check your bucket list all in one sitting. While set in real-life locations, there’s a touch of magic realism for players to experience. Play as a Helsinki giant powering the city or slingshot colorful balls onto the Taj Mahal and set off some fireworks. All of that weird adventure with no passport required.

Video game still from “Trek: Travel Around the World”



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