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ICYMI, ‘Never Not Love You’ is on Netflix right now

Okay, the love team we all grew up with might be dead and gone. But we can’t deny James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s performance in Antoinette Jadaone’s “Never Not Love You.” It has a good storyline, quotable as hell, and has a supercut of the duo swearing their heart out (for our GIF reactions, of course). 

Too bad it’s only available on selected streaming services. Or wait, is it?

Good news, Jadine fans and Netflix subscribers! “Never Not Love You” is now available on Netflix since last night. You can relive Gio and Joanne’s story on finding love and themselves. It’s the film that won Nadine Lustre as FAMAS, Gawad Urian, and Young Critics Circle’s Best Actress. 

“Never Not Love You” is a story about a young and reckless couple taking different paths in their lives. After five years pass, they meet each other again and realize how both of them have changed. See James as a confused, young adult trying to navigate his life’s path, while Nadine follows her dreams and tries to keep her shit on lock.

It’s your classic story on young adulthood. We try to figure out who we are, follow our own little goals, and try to fall in love in the middle of it all. Sounds like an entry on Subtle Clown Traits—but it is real life on screen. That’s why “Never Not Love You” is worth a watch, whether you’re a diehard fan of the love team or just a casual viewer trying to kill time.

You can stream the full movie on Netflix right now. Watch the full trailer below:

Still from “Never Not Love You”


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