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PSA: You can take 450 Ivy League online courses for free

PSA: You can take 450 Ivy League online courses for free

Are you ready to channel your inner Elle Woods, Rory Gilmore or Amy Dunne?

Aside from the YouTube accounts of TBA Studios and Cinema One offering us free films to stream, we found another internet goldmine: online Ivy League courses. Well, it looks like Google Classroom isn’t the only (online) school I’m enrolling myself in this season.

Ivy League comprises the most prestigious colleges in the world—Brown, Harvward, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania. And before you back out from this quest, let us tell you that they’re offering these courses for free. According to Free Code Camp, they’ve created over 500 courses, of which around 450 are still active.

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The available courses range from art & design, humanities, data science to social science and more. We can explore and pick our choices on Class Central. Dhawal Shah of Free Code Camp also compiled Ivy League MOOCs (massive open online courses) here.

MOOCs are aimed at unlimited participation and characterized by free and open registration, according to Universidad de Alicante. Because of this, you can study poetry from University of Pennsylvania, Buddhism and modern psychology from Princeton, Japan’s history from Harvard and more. What a way to keep my brain cells alive, alert, awake and justifiably enthusiastic.

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