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Mass testing “isn’t needed” but apparently VIP testing is fine?

Mass testing “isn’t needed” but apparently VIP testing is fine?

From being accused of stealing public funds for the community to testing kits meant for the sick, our government officials really do have range. At least in terms of corruption. It’s been a week since Luzon went under lockdown and the stories of the people experiencing the brunt of the pandemic are heartbreaking

What did our “best and brightest” in local government do upon catching wind of these ails? The only logical thing for a trapo to do: use the testing kits for themselves of course. If they didn’t care for suffering citizens before, they sure as hell won’t grow a heart mid-pandemic. 

Like with all things, public funds or test kits, when a corrupt government official allegedly mishandles these resources they are directly taking it from someone who desperately needs it. Inquirer reports 34 government officials requesting priority testing, not only for them, but their entire families. 

This blatant abuse of power led to moved PUI tests and results—the consequence of which led to actual fatalities. One such casualty to this disgusting misuse of public authority was cardiology fellow Dr. Ismael Bactol. 

What was the tone-deaf response? Just today, during the special session hearing, trapos led by Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano held up a manila paper stating: “Together with doctors and frontliners, we went to work for you so please stay home for us.” 

I guess now they’re stealing credit. Like I said, range.

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