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UP’s new COVID-19 Team member is Yani, an AI bot that can assist you 24/7

UP’s new COVID-19 Team member is Yani, an AI bot that can assist you 24/7

Today, the University of the Philippines released yet another accessible project to help out during the COVID-19 crisis. Just when you think they’ve done it all, right?

In a Facebook post this morning, the University of the Philippines introduced their latest addition to their COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team: Yani. Yani, short for bayanihan, is an AI “Endcov” robot designed to deliver necessary information to the public with an even easier user interface. 

Yani comes in the form of a Facebook chat bot. It can help point you to government policies concerning COVID, find the nearest hospitals to your location, and link you to mental health specialists for mental and emotional needs.

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Yani also allows the option of conversing in English or Filipino for added inclusivity. It also makes the information digestible. For example, choosing to learn about policies initiates a cascade of key words like OFW or mobility. Yani continues to break it down until it can provide you with the exact memorandum that can help you with your needs.

As for hospital locations, you’ll need to share your location with Yani so it can pinpoint the proper institutions. This will only work for the mobile app, however.

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For mental health needs, Yani will redirect you to an appointment application for UP Diliman’s free telepsychotherapy services courtesy of the university’s Psychosocial Services department.

If you’d like to have a chat with Yani, you can shoot it a Facebook message.

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