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This latest Stanley Kubrick documentary is a film student must-watch


We all have that one Stanley Kubrick film that changed our life. It could be seeing “A.I.” when you were younger or seeing “A Clockwork Orange” for the first time. In this latest documentary by Grégory Monro, we get to see the man behind these legendary films.

“Kubrick by Kubrick” is an entry at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival. And if you want to learn more about this legendary auteur—this documentary might help. 

This documentary features exclusive interviews of Kubrick and the people he worked with. From “A Clockwork Orange’s” Malcolm McDowell to “The Shining’s” Shelley Duvall, we get to learn more about Kubrick’s thought process and how he viewed the art of cinema. It was supposed to premiere on Apr. 15, but was postponed due to COVID-19. 

The trailer features TV screens and memorabilia of Kubrick’s works. Fans can see the helmet from “Full Metal Jacket,” the heart sunglasses from “Lolita” and the droog mask from “A Clockwork Orange.” It starts with a narration from the director himself, setting the tone for the film: “A work of fiction, you have to have conflict. If there isn’t a problem in a story, it can almost by definition not be a story.” 

“If Stanley trusts you, you’re alright,” McDowell says to the viewer. “If he doesn’t, beware.” There are also clips from an interview with Duvall, who Kubrick treated harshly during the shoot of “The Shining,” in order to elicit rawer emotions out of her. “I’ve never done more than 15 takes ever in my life.”

It seems like the documentary will be showing everything, from highs and lows and whatever is jammed in between. You can watch the trailer for  “Kubrick by Kubrick” below: 

Still from “A Clockwork Orange”



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