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Rep Ben&Ben in Animal Crossing with this official merch

Rep Ben&Ben in Animal Crossing with this official merch

In case you’ve been living on an actual far-off island (that isn’t, you know, made of pixels), Animal Crossing has made its way to different corners of the internet, in a time when we can’t go island hopping IRL. And with its nifty customization options, AC players can wear almost anything their character’s heart desires—including Lazy Oaf ’fits, official Scout stuff (wink) and now, Ben&Ben merch.

Ben&Ben’s percussionist Andrew De Pano took to Instagram to share the band’s official merch, now made available in its pixelated, Animal Crossing glory. “Made some super cute Ben&Ben merch on Animal Crossing!! Tag me if you decide to use them,” the caption reads, capped off with a smile and a heart emoji.

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The musician personally designed this set, which includes a shirt, jacket and hoodie. If your character is able to access custom clothes, you can check out De Pano’s creator page (username: PaniniLord) with the code MA-5582-2241-4484.

For the merch’s codes, check out his Instagram post below.

Photo from Andrew De Pano’s Instagram


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