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Decorate your Animal Crossing home with these famous artworks

Decorate your Animal Crossing home with these famous artworks

While most of us are hunkered down in self-isolation, we’ve taken refuge in virtual worlds just so we can live vicariously through tiny pixeled avatars. The Animal Crossing craze has led to several creative outputs—including Ben & Ben merch, Lazy Oaf recreations, IRL nail art and Scout-certified™ outfits. And now that your character’s all decked out, why not give your home a little makeover with art from the likes of Van Gogh and Rembrandt?

Thanks to Los Angeles’ Getty Museum, you don’t have to shell out a million dollars at an auction just to have these masterpieces on display. The museum has opened up its archive under their site’s “Experiments” section, which lets users import images via International Image Interoperability Framework. The site offers step-by-step instructions showing users how to choose artworks and crop them for the game, so you can import them via QR code.

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Among those in Getty Museum’s roster are works such as Vincent Van Gogh’s “Irises,” Rembrandt’s “The Abduction of Europa” and even a Greek vase’s depiction of Odysseus against a Thracian warrior. These displays don’t have to be limited to the walls of your virtual house—you can sport these world-famous artworks on your clothes, mannequins and wherever custom content is accepted.

For those joining in on the fun, the Getty Museum wants you to share some of your shots by tagging their Instagram @gettymuseum, while using the hashtag #ACartgenerator. Start interior decorating by visiting Getty’s art generator.

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Photo from Getty Museum


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