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Jess Connelly’s stunning MV normalizes straight up confessing your feelings

We’ve all been in the stage of pining for a potential special someone. Sometimes, the chase is also a waiting game when it comes to dating. And no one knows this better than our local R&B sweetie Jess Connelly. 

In her new music video “Lock,” she shows us the perfect solution for pining: keeping our cool while waiting on that S.O. to bust a damn move. 

“Lock” is the latest single from her 2019 “ATM” E.P. For its visuals, Jess worked with director David Camarena, known for his MVs with Wiz Khalifa, Rob $tone and other hip-hop/R&B playlist mainstays. The video consists of weaved, uncontextualized cinemagraphs where Jess is seen singing along the track. It’s also perfectly timed since it shows the singer isolated, waiting in picturesque places for that S.O. to hit her up. 

The heart of the song is this line: “Do I gotta spell it out for ya?/ Yeah I’m down for ya.” When it comes to dating, we can’t help but love the thrill of the chase. But the chase has to stop somewhere. And if you’re a grown-ass woman in the 21st century, take your cues from Jess: Keep it cool and lay your cards on the table.

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You want that special someone. Being frank and saying it to their face is all Gucci. Come on, no one wants to be that entry in Subtle Clown Traits anyway.

Watch her new MV below: 

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Still from Jess Connelly’s “Lock”


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