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Homemade sex toys are the web’s fave DIY quarantine project right now

Folks stuck in quarantine are either bored or horny. With Pornhub making premium access free for all, we know the thirst is getting too real. Now, a lot of us are searching for DIY projects to pass the time. 

Do you want to know what the internet’s fave DIY project is right now? If you guessed making homemade sex toys for some reason, then you’re damn right. 

The online marketing place OnBuy discovered this in their study. Their findings show that ‘homemade sex toys’ had 23,000 Google searches in the United Kingdom alone. People searched about how to make their own lubes and vibrators as well. With Google’s help, we learned that electric toothbrushes, washing machines and the right hair brushes will do the trick. 

Yes, some sites are suggesting using (ew) vegetables like cucumber. But we advise you not to pick up your produce to get yourself off. 

If you do plan to make your own sex toys, The New York Post interviewed gynecologist Dr. Lauren Streicher to give us some tips. “Since the beginning of time, people have used things around the house to self-stimulate,” says Streicher. “If you are looking for a dildo and not a vibrator, and you want to put something in your vagina, make sure there are no sharp edges on the object.”

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Of course, make them at your own risk. Homemade lubes can cause irritation if not done right and make-shift sex toys might cause vaginal infections. So please, please, please—whack off responsibly.

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