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‘Lost in Translation’ stans, get ready for Sofia Coppola’s new film


If you’re still not over “Lost in Translation,” 2020 might be your year. Sofia Coppola is back, back, back again with an upcoming film—and yes, Bill Fucking Murray is in it.

“On the Rocks” is Coppola’s first feature since 2017’s “The Beguiled.” Starring “Parks and Recreation” faves Rashida Jones and Jenny Slate, the film tells the story of a father and daughter’s adventures in New York. “This is Bill Murray and Rashida Jones. Yes, they play father and daughter, and she’s married to Marlon Wayans, a successful businessman who is traveling a lot and has a beautiful assistant,” explains Coppola in a 92Y interview.

She describes the film as a clash between two generations. Murray plays a sophisticated playboy, while Jones plays his onscreen daughter who’s about to be a first-time mom. They go to New York to spy on her husband when she becomes suspicious of his assistant. During this little spy mission, the playboy dad starts becoming paranoid when he realizes what every women already know—men can be assholes.

“It’s the clash of how they look at relationships, and also how your relationship with your parents affects your relationships in your life,” says the “Lost in Translation” director. “We finished a little while ago. It’s a lot of them talking about life, men, and women over martinis in New York.”

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Coppola’s upcoming film will be distributed under A24. According to IndieWire, this will be the first film under the arthouse production’s partnership with AppleTV+. It might be safe to assume that this will be available for streaming, but IndieWire also revealed she’ll be gunning for a theatrical release.

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