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bedtime television’s ‘hair die’ MV is our isolation mood

bedtime television’s ‘hair die’ MV is our isolation mood

Last Apr. 30, Cebu-based dream pop band bedtime television released their second single, “hair die.” The release was also accompanied by intimate homemade visuals made by the band.

The song is carried along by reverberating drums over tape-recorded vocals, the production mimicking a 1 a.m. thought that bounces around in a sleepless mind. According to lead vocalist Isabella Orbiso, the song is about unhealthy coping mechanisms. “I was so afraid of doing anything else [that] would lead me to face the anxiety of real life,” she says. 

The song aims to be a wakeup call for other individuals who are caught up in bad habits, according to Orbiso, who wrote the song to process her own emotions. Personal battles can only be solved within—but that doesn’t mean it has to be fought alone all the time.

“hair die” is out now on Spotify. If you want an analog copy, pre-orders for bedtime television’s “cassingle” “as bright as the night” are available via Genjitsu Stargazing Society.

Watch the “hair die” MV here:

Still from the “hair die” MV

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