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8 thoughts on Jess Connelly’s honest banger ‘Over You’


If Jess Connelly was ready to risk it all previously, this time she’s trying to take a little step back—the shameless and brave kind, that is. 

Today, Aug. 4, the R&B singer pulled up at our state of mind to get to a confession’s nitty-gritty. In her new single “Over You,” JCON takes her own pace as she seemingly takes off her rose-colored glasses, gradually detecting warning signs written over her love-hate type of person. But at the same time, the tempting urge to just overlook everything feels real. 


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It’s intoxicating, smooth, and groovy, also thanks to Lustbass’ clever production. And like you, I’ve tried to keep my thought process in place. Here’s a portion of it: 

  1. For an introvert, this song actually makes me miss my friends. And the dancing. Even the bad dancing. 
  2. For non-summertime, this transports me to an idyllic summer when I’m facing anything but my laptop screen. 
  3. You know what, I’m playing this for every “good riddance!” moment. 
  4. Maybe I’ve just found the sparkle emoji in song form.
  5. These tasteful layers somehow make me feel like multiple JCONs are huddling around me, whispering “quit it, girl” in unison.
  6. If you’re not raving about her vocals, WYD? 
  7. Speaking of that, I may or may not pitch this as an addition to the OST of “Nevertheless.” You know what I mean. 
  8. Okay, but I just want “No, you cannot make no promise / Yeah, you’re still the same / No, you’ll never change” on a t-shirt.

Listen to “Over You” here:

Photo from Jess Connelly’s Instagram, single cover art by Pat Palacio

Banner art by Yel Sayo



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