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Panday Sining’s VR protest proves that we’re truly living in 2020

Although we can’t go to the streets to protest our Labor Day woes, youth groups like Panday Sining got creative with their activism. There are Twitter protests and virtual placards set to fight for workers rights. 

But no one is on Panday Sining’s level right now. Through Facebook 360, they made a street museum to make you part of the action from the safety of your own home.

Panday Sining’s street museum is one of their Labor Day initiatives. It plays like your average May 1 protest: All sectors are present with art and placards scattered around. “Nakatindig na po ang ating ‘street museum’ sa ilalim ng tirik na araw, at hitik na init,” reads their Facebook post. “Ngayong araw, matutunghayan natin ang iba’t-ibang likha ng ating mga Artista Ng Bayan. Isinalalarawan ng mga pinta at dibuho ang kalagayan, at hinaing ng ating mga manggagawa.”

Labor Day isn’t a mere celebration of our everyday workers. During May 1, people from all walks of life protest to demand basic wages and workers’ rights. “It was the president himself who promised to end ‘endo,’” writes student activist, Philip Jamilla. “That promise has given hope to millions of Filipino workers. But with strikes erupting left and right, it seems that ‘endo’ won’t be ending anytime soon.”

The Filipino people love our frontliners. Right now, we see them as heroes. Essential workers and frontliners deserve the accolades. Yet, they are deprived of basic wages and rights. So if you really love our frontliners and support them, don’t only stay at home—do that (if you can) and stand up for them, too. 

Virtually fighting for their rights can be as heartwarming as our gratitude. It is really the least we can do.

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Youth groups will host a virtual protest on Twitter tonight. If interested, here’s how you can participate.

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