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You can have a field trip inside the Ghibli Museum while staying at home

You can have a field trip inside the Ghibli Museum while staying at home

While we still can’t afford to leave our homes and take crazy-ass adventures in pure Studio Ghibli fashion, the studio’s official museum is virtually opening their doors to us—and we don’t even need to line up. Guess I’m already sold.

Thanks to Ghibli Museum’s new YouTube page, we can now join some quick online tours from the comfort of our bedrooms. Their channel currently houses three videos, all of which are designed to walk us through the magical walls of this iconic spot in Mitaka, Tokyo.

Packed with wooden figures, stained glass windows and ceiling art that looks like a fusion of “My Neighbor Totoro” and “Kiki’s Delivery Service” (Michaelangelo who?), this tour gives us a sneak peek from a realistic POV. Well, okay, there may be some unexpected zooms, but let it be an alternative for when you actually ask the museum guide about the smallest details IRL.

If you’re in the mood to personalize your little trip, take this Studio Ghibli playlist for a spin while you’re at it. Have fun, online adventure seeker.

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