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We’re praying to ‘Chromatica’ with UST’s Our Lady of Sorrows pubmat

We’re praying to ‘Chromatica’ with UST’s Our Lady of Sorrows pubmat

Pink did say “God is a DJ.” Newsflash, so is Mama Mary in this unintentional “Chromatica”-inspired pubmat. 

One of the oldest Catholic universities in Asia made some interesting graphic design choices for their pubmat. Luckily for them, their design decisions helped their feast announcement go viral. 

Posted last Sept. 15 on UST’s official Twitter account, the Catholic university’s now-deleted tweet for the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows made unintentional waves online. But not for the reasons devout Christians will enjoy. 

We don’t know if we’re missing 20:20, O Bar or Nectar this much, but this poster unintentionally reminds us of our favorite inclusive clubs.

Is this a feast announcement poster or is Mama Mary DJing at Nectar next Wednesday? As a non-Catholic, I do hope it is both. I wouldn’t mind seeing Mama Mary drop that “Papuri sa Diyos” x “Rain on Me” mashup. TikTok would have a field day with that mashup.

Sacrilegious jokes aside, UST has not yet taken down the poster or commented on their viral pubmat’s design choice.

Give us a head’s up if we have to RSVP our tables for her set or if it’s an open bar.

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