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This might be the remedy to your creative rut (and it’s for free)


While society’s in flux, it’s safe to say that creatives in isolation are stuck in an odd conundrum. Productivity isn’t a pandemic requirement—trust us, we’ve felt that way before—but for those wanting to dabble in quarantine projects à la Charli XCX, running short on inspo is one regular snag. There’s time to create, but when the world’s acting out a “Black Mirror” subplot, it’s completely understandable if your inspiration is pretty much depleted.

Free courses are popping out across the web, from Ivy League classes to actual Hogwarts courses. So, instead of sticking “Wanted: Muse” signs, you can catch a hold of that creative inspo by taking cues from creative experts—free of charge.

In partnership with Globe Studios, 0917 is hosting Creative Xchange, an online learning series that talks about topics from creativity in the time of pandemic, to handling your mental health in these trying times. Expect 101s and Q&As with creative pros from different fields, such as Creative Talks alum Carl Jan Cruz on fashion, award-winning director Jade Castro on film, illustrator AJ Dimarucot on creativity in uncertainty, and life coach Kimi Lu on managing stress and anxiety through creative visualization.

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“With the extended lockdown, more Filipinos have become restless and uninspired given the lack of social interaction. At 0917, we want to provide an outlet for anyone seeking a creative refuge within their homes, to help them cope during times of isolation,” says Beng Ochoa of 0917. “Through Creative Xchange, people will have the opportunity to learn alongside others.”

The program is a five-day Zoom event, starting from May 5 till May 8. If you’re running short on that much-needed inspiration, you can take your pick on what workshop or talk to attend by registering on Globe’s site.

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