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In memoriam of Matteo Guidicelli’s PS4 box


Unboxing videos are common to drive viewers to your channel. Do you know what else gets sweet, sweet clicks? Cringe-worthy content. 

And actor, army reservist, former kart racer and Playstation 4 box destroyer Matteo Guidicelli accidentally did both.

In his first unboxing video, Guidicelli flexes his minty fresh PS4 box thanks to the folks from Sony Philippines. He also received games like Final Fantasy and Gran Turismo (a shoutout to his kart racing days). After he shows his free games to the camera by slamming it on the table (as if it were indestructible), he proceeds to rip the PS4 packaging sleeve to shreds. 

Guidicelli realizes mid-rip that the sleeve should be intact in order to protect its two-year warranty. Shrugging it off, he acknowledges the point of no return and continues to tear it to pieces anyway. This caused an uproar on social media and it brewed some hilarious memes. 

“Yup, this is my first time unboxing, so I’m really trying to learn,” Guidicelli explains after discarding the sleeve’s remains on the floor. The unboxing video has 28,000 dislikes as of writing. Right now, his first unboxing video is trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. 

A moment of silence for the two-year warranty Guidicelli lost. Press F to pay respects. 

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