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Your fave underdog hero anime is getting a 5th season


How’s your weekend? Mine’s pretty shit, except for one thing: They finally dropped the trailer for “My Hero Academia”’s fifth season, and it’s everything. 

There’s a lot to look out for this season―most likely a deeper dive into pro-hero Hawks’ role, more about the League of Villains and… okay, I’ll stop before I accidentally spoil something. 

But the highlight of the season is the Joint Training Arc, as shown in the trailer. The Class 1-A kids will be up against their “rivals” (a loose term) in Class 1-B, who have been quietly training while Deku and his classmates get into a handful of trouble for the past few seasons. Expect to see a bunch of new faces and quirks, and not just from Class 1-B (manga readers, sshhh).

The fourth season just wrapped up this April, and there’s no official premiere date for season five yet. Although fans are expecting it to drop around March to April 2021, maybe try not to get your hopes up for an early release window with the pandemic still ongoing and all.

In the meantime, you’ve got lots of other anime to watch out for: “Haikyuu!!” will start airing the rest of season four this month, a local sports anime is up on Netflix and some OG anime shows are getting reboots. 


Still from “My Hero Academia” season five PV



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