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This game is like Diner Dash but with cannibalism

If you’re lucky to only think about boredom during quarantine, your gaming life should be pretty exciting by now. There’s also a possibility that you’ve caught up with all your games. Well, why not start a new game that involves the consumption of human flesh?

Introducing Rocket Vulture’s Cannibal Cuisine: a game where you murder tourists and turn them into food for your restaurant.

In this game, you’ll be living Sweeney Todd’s wet dream. This is the brainchild of indie game studio Rocket Vulture. Cannibal Cuisine’s gameplay is as follows: You need to murder tourists coming to your island and prepare them as a dish to serve the god Hoochooboo. Plus, you’ll have abilities like breathing fire or dashing real fast.

Some critics, however, are comparing it to Overcooked. “[It] seems a teensy bit problematic, even before you get to the overwhelming similarity to Overcooked, from the graphical style to the user interface [UI],” says PC Games. “I mean, Graveyard Keeper seems a bit like Stardew Valley but with cannibalism, but there’s a lot more to it beyond that superficial similarity.”

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Well, aren’t all cooking games the same anyway? At least, this has the allure of entertainment violence (we guess). Check out the trailer for Cannibal Cuisine below:

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Cannibal Cuisine is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch on May 20.


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