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Are we done for today? With this ‘AC:NH’ remake of ‘Midsommar,’ we really are

Are we done for today? With this ‘AC:NH’ remake of ‘Midsommar,’ we really are

Does life imitate art? I guess. After all, Animal Crossing is our life simulator now.

In today’s episode of the internet, we’re applauding what might just be the best—and equally disturbing—recreation of the 2019 film “Midsommar.” Enter YouTube user Evil Imp, who’s probably born to make Animal Crossing: New Horizons horror movie trailers (check out their channel if you dare.)

On May 11, Bloody Disgusting brought to our attention “Midsommar but it’s Animal Crossing,” a recent upload by Evil Imp. In this video, they remade the memorable finale of the film, complete with Christian’s hellish death to Dani’s own brand of self-actualization—with some zooming included. It’s trippy and wild and baffling, just like the movie. Maybe this is what our quarantine dreams (or nightmares) are actually made of.

Watch the video here:

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Still from “Midsommar but it’s Animal Crossing” video by Evil Imp


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