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You can stream ‘Anastasia’ on Netflix soon

You can stream ‘Anastasia’ on Netflix soon

Bring out your music boxes and baker boy hats, “Anastasia” is coming to Netflix soon for your nostalgic viewing pleasure.

The princess movie classic follows the story of the royal Russian Romanovs’ lost daughter, Anastasia. After an attack from the evil wizard Rasputin at the Romanov castle, only the czar’s daughter Anastasia escapes—with the twist of amnesia, of course. Many years later, two conmen Dmitry and Vlad hold auditions for a fake Anastasia to claim the Romanovs’ hefty reward prize for the lost princess. Fate brings the real Anastasia to the two, and they unwittingly travel to the Romanovs on a, ehem, journey to the past.

Feel the memories flooding in already? The 1997 animated classic is coming to Netflix Philippines on Jun. 1 according to its preview card, so don’t forget to save the date.

Watch “Once Upon a December” from “Anastasia” here:

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