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Save the world while staying at home with Episodes x WWF Philippines new ’fits


Fashion is not the first thing that comes to mind during this pandemic. If anything, it’s on the backburner. The only exceptions are folks who find sanity on dressing up during work-from-home or online classes. 

And if you fall in this category, Episodes x WWF Philippines found a way for you to give back with your quarantine ’fits. Their new collection urges buyers to save the world without leaving the comforts of your own home.

On Jun. 19, folks can buy limited edition shirts from Episodes x WWF Philippines’ collection. 100 percent of the proceeds will go to WWF Philippines’ conservation programs. Filled with white and gray options, we get to wear WWF’s iconic yet cute panda across our chest while giving back to Mother Earth during a crazy-ass time in our lives.

“At Episodes, we want to raise awareness about current issues and perspectives around us, while bringing people together to support this cause, and support the lives of those who support ours,” writes EPISODES in their press statement. “We have to go the extra mile in caring for our world, and remember that nature is present around us and provides the resources we need. Without these resources, communities wouldn’t be able to survive.”

This is the local clothing brand’s initiative to support WWF’s #ChangeTheEnding movement. With their initiative, they want to save our world, wildlife and their habitats even through small ways like this. It’s to encourage everyone to have a bit more optimism, as well as to give back to nature when it needs us the most.

Episodes x WWF Philippines’ collection drops on June 19, 7 p.m. at their website. Save the planet at your own pace, and you can buy a shirt while you’re at it.

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