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No one asked for a Yeezy Beauty line, yet here we are

No one asked for a Yeezy Beauty line, yet here we are

2020 has unlocked a new Kanye—a beauty mogul version.

According to TMZ, the rapper has filed a trademark for a beauty skincare line. It reportedly includes products like moisturizers, face masks, false eyelashes, body oils, bath gels, hair products, toothpaste, aromatherapy pillows and more. Maybe he got bit by the self-care bug?

This isn’t his first attempt at the beauty industry move. In 2017, Kanye also filed a trademark for Donda Beauty, a beauty line named after his mother. However, Donda Beauty was never released.

A few questions come to mind: What happens if his direct competitor becomes his wife’s and sisters-in-law’s beauty lines? Will this come up in a huge family fight scene on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”? Will the colors only come in beige tones, in true Yeezy style? 

One thing’s for sure: No one can ever quite tell what Kanye’s going to do next.

Still from “Bound 2” MV by Kanye West

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