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‘Simps for Sarah Elago’ is a meme I can get behind

‘Simps for Sarah Elago’ is a meme I can get behind

Congresswoman Sarah Elago is amazing. She is the youngest legislator in the 17th Congress, gives her income to support advocacy campaigns and represents young folks like us to fight for much-needed reforms. No wonder a lot of us look up to her. 

Sarah is everything we want to be when we grow up. That’s why when SIMPS for Sarah Elago started making rounds on Twitter, we automatically had to jump in.

SIMPS for Sarah Elago took off with simple tweets that evolved into fanvids. For those who don’t know, simps are folks who say or do anything to please a woman. It usually has a negative connotation but for Sarah’s fans, the term is used as a sign of affection and respect. 

Facebook fan page “Memes for humanity” breaks it down for us. With their meme, they made SIMP an acronym for “Sarah Elago is My Princess and Savior.” They also filled its caption with protest hashtags like #JunkTerrorBill, #JUNKTERRORBILLNOW, #HandsOffOurStudents, #ResistAsOne and #MASSTESTINGNOWPH. 

Twitter user @victoryliner even made a Sarah Elago fanvid. Usually, fanvids are created for K-pop stars and celebrities. But fans believe Sarah is worth busting out Adobe Premiere for. 

During this hard socio-political climate, we have a scarcity of lighthearted content. SIMPS for Sarah Elago is a way for young activists to show support for politicians doing the work. We are in need of lawmakers who use their platform to create change—and Sarah is one of the few.

If stanning Sarah Elago makes us a simp, then we humbly accept the title.

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