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Let our IG filter moodsplain your, well, mood


Almost anything can be a #mood now. 

Your fave’s latest tearjerker of a quarantine drop is a mood. Out-of-context stills and dank edits are a mood. Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque blankly staring off into space while frozen on national TV is a whole mood.

For all the memey shits and giggles, mood tweets are a beautiful thing. They spontaneously capture the tired and idealistic millennial’s desire for progress, stability and general improvement in the state of our nation.

With that said, we hereby present our latest brainchild―Scout Mood Tweets, the culmination of our most chaotic (but still relevant) mood tweets.


Head over to our IG account to try out our filter. Don’t forget to tag us in your IG stories!


Art by Yel Sayo



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