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Scream into the endless void of the internet through this website


In this plane of existence, 2020 is a horror movie slowly building up to your climactic screams. If societal standards have you bottling it up, one website is letting you air all those frustrations.

While the pre-pandemic period gave rollercoasters, Scream Club is the closest way you can share a scream with strangers in today’s climate of indoor anxiety. Created by ideas factory MSCHF, the website lets you scream into the endless internet void using your desktop or smartphone, allowing you to collectively shout with other visitors across the web.

MSCHF’s Daniel Greenberg says the idea all started during a Zoom session. “We came up with the idea after screaming on our Zoom calls and realizing how amazing it felt. The response has been amazing,” he tells Motherboard. “Whether you are frustrated, bored, lonely, happy, it doesn’t matter—Scream Club is for you.”

The website also lets you listen to the screams of previous users, exhibiting the many ways humankind can express their pent-up quarantine feelings. As Vice notes, popular choices include the Long Prolonged Scream (when you’re falling off a cliff), the Subdued “Ah” (a dentist classic) and the Deep and Primal Scream (the pandemic in a nutshell). Is it about time someone adds a perfect rendition of the Wilhelm scream into the mix? You bet.

As of writing, the longest scream on the site lasts 25,276 seconds. That’s around seven hours of pure unadulterated throat torture, if you’re wondering.

Before you get into this not-so-secret club, MSCHF requires you to download the app for iOS and Android. And FYI: Audio content isn’t moderated on the site, so listen with caution.

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